CSA Week 3

This Week’s Harvest
Garlic scapes
Sugar snap peas
Hakurei salad turnips
Beet medley ( chiogga, golden and or red beets)
Romaine lettuce
Red leaf lettuce

News From the Farm

It used to be that Ben and I both tried to do everything on the farm. We’d be heavily involved in all aspects of the operation and our heads would spin with keeping track of everything – What needs to get watered this week? Are the scallions ready to harvest? How many CSA boxes are there this week? How many beds to we need to prep for planting, etc. etc. Over the years we have learned that the farm runs smoothest if we each have our areas that we focus on. I am in charge of harvesting, working markets, packing the CSA boxes, e-mailing, blog updates and other general communication. Ben does all the tractor work– we have 3 different tractors and several implements that all get used. From mowing, to mechanical planting, to cultivating, to spreading soil amendments , there is always tractor work that needs to be done. So we really confused our 2 year old daughter this week when Ben worked our 2nd Street Market stand. She is so used to seeing him on the tractor that when he told her he was going to work at market, she looked up at him with puzzled look, paused, and then said “but there are no fields at market”. We really loved this farm kid observation! Pictured below are Evan and Isla watching Ben prep some of the first beds of the season.


Seasonal Recipes
Garlic scape and cilantro pesto (this is pretty amazing and it’s the last week for garlic scapes so I’m definitely recommending this one! We used cashews and served it with steamed broccoli and pasta)

Roasted beet and arugula salad

Broccoli and cilantro slaw ( use garlic scapes in place of garlic and make your own slaw using broccoli and turnips. If you have any left over you could also use radishes and kohlrabi. If you like beets raw, throw those in as well! Just cut the veggies into matchstick pieces or grate)