CSA Week 5

We will be having our CSA member field walk on Thursday, July 10 at 7pm. During this event we will tour the farm and fields. You’ll be able to see exactly where your food is coming from and how the vegetables are grown. You’ll get to meet your farmers and we’ll get to meet our customers! This event is family friendly and will be held rain or shine, so dress appropriately.


This Week’s Harvest
Red cabbage or Tendersweet Cabbage
Salad mix
Green bell peppers or Jalapeño peppers
Summer squash and zucchini
Fresh garlic

Food notes
Last week I spoke about the need to harvest our garlic, which we did manage to harvest. We sped through our market harvest on Friday and had time to pull the crop. So the good news is it is curing in the barn and the bulbs that made it look great! But the bad news is we lost at least a third of the crop to onion maggots. These small maggots hatch from eggs laid right next to allium crops and feed on the crop. The last time we had a major problem with onion flies on our garlic was another wet June so they seem to thrive in wet soils. We got over 4 inches of rain at the worst possible time in terms of garlic– one week before harvest. We should have plenty of garlic for our CSA and enough for us to use as seed this fall, but none for our market sales.
For the harvest this week, you get fresh garlic. Fresh garlic hasn’t cured yet, or developed its dry skins. It has a mild flavor and should be stored in the fridge. A note to the squimish– some cloves may have the onion maggot present. Either discard the cloves or cut around the damage. Other cloves on the bulb will be fine.


Farm news
We had a visitor to the farm last week: a WDTN investigative news reporter! They were doing a story on buying organically at farmers markets and what to look for. If you didn’t get a chance to see the news, here is a link to the online story and video clip!

Cabbage and fennel slaw

Cabbage and fennel sauté

Zucchini and Penne with parsley hot pepper pesto

Vegetable lasagna