CSA Extension Season Week 1 of 3

This Week’s Harvest

Sweet Potatoes


Hakurei Salad Turnips


Head Lettuce


Butternut Squash





Swiss Chard


Purple Daikon OR Beauty Heart Radishes

Farm News: Giving Thanks

We are pleased to say that 2016 was our most successful season yet! Ben and I are very blessed that we get to do what we are passionate about and we know that this farm is not possible without the support of our family, customers and employees.

This year we were able to double our CSA–  thanks to returning customers, word of mouth advertising, and folks new to the entire CSA concept willing to take a chance on us.  This increase was crucial to our success as we transitioned the farm from vegetables and cut flowers to just vegetables. The change seemed like a good idea in theory, over the winter when we first considered it even a possibility. We are so thankful that it turned out to be a good decision. IMG_9298.JPG

We have also been blessed with really great reliable help for the past several years.  Our packing shed manager who started the year with us, Jen, was coming into her 3rd season here at Mile Creek. She mastered the post harvest handling aspect of the operation and it was amazing not to have to train anyone the past couple years. When Jen had to leave us this year with a couple months left of the season, we were lucky to have an eager market customer take her place. David was such a joy to have on the farm. His sincere enthusiasm for the quality of the produce and beauty of the farm was so refreshing to have in the final stretch of the season.  The harvest crew and I would place bets on what exclamation David would say when we brought the produce into the barn. Speaking of harvest crew, half of them had been with us before as well, so we had to do little in way of training. We had 2 home-schooled high-schoolers and a CTC student with us this summer.  This was Timothy’s third season, Drew’s 2nd season, and his sister Elsa’s first year with us.  We also had a recent Miami University grad, Anissa, join us this summer into fall and it was a joy to share our passion for farming with her. She dabbled in all aspects of the farm–even driving the tractor on her last day! These days it is just me and Ben on the farm. Last Saturday at market, Jen and Anissa came to market separately and visited our stand at the exact same moment. The heartfelt and long embrace they shared was really wonderful to witness.

Of course we are indebted to our family. Not only did they not question this career move, they embraced it. Ben’s parents own the land we farm and willingly take care of our children during the day and even happily agree to last minute sleepovers when Ben and I have to work until 10pm finishing something up.

This Thanksgiving season we are grateful for our community supported agriculture family, our work family, and our personal families. We are also particularly grateful this year that we still have wonderful diverse vegetables to make a fantastic Thanksgiving spread!


Recipes (with Thanksgiving in mind)

Carrot Casserole (We make this every Thanksgiving with grated cheddar cheese instead of processed cheese and crushed saltines mixed with melted butter instead of breadcrumbs. It’s always the most popular dish!)

Canadian Bacon, Potato and Swiss Chard Gratin

Honey Glazed Turnips and Carrots (roast the carrots and turnips separately as hakurei turnips tend to cook quicker)

Sweet Potato Pie

Apple Fennel Stuffing