CSA Week 19

IMG_7331This Week’s Harvest

Zucchini (last of the season!!)

Braising Greens

Salad Turnips



Honeynut Squash

Romano Green Beans




Salad Mix

Apple Share

Cortland (larger, green/red, crisp and sweet/tart) and Jonathan (more red, smaller, softer flesh, sweet/tart)

Farm News

IMG_7300Still no rain and still hot on the farm. Last week I was bragging about how smart we were to move our fall broccoli planting later, and here we are, later, yet still picking broccoli in 90 degree heat! We have 2 varieties ready right now and one of them is clearly outshining the other. Imperial used to be a favorite, but it seems to be very susceptible to alternaria, a fungal disease that effects brassicas and causes brown beading on broccoli heads. I was only able to harvest 60 lbs for market from a 300 foot bed–not good!! Fortunately we planted way more of a different variety, Arcadia, and it is doing really well so far and hasn’t succumbed to alternaria. After this week’s harvest, I’ve made a few mental notes, and next year we will get rid of Imperial, focus on Arcadia, and trial more varieties in search of one that matures sooner than Arcadia but holds up to disease.  You can’t get too comfortable vegetable farming — this job certainly keeps us on our toes!



Hearty Spring Turnip Salad 

Stewed Romano Beans with Tomatoes and Dill

Thai Vegetable Stir fry

Coming Up Next Week (our best guess….) Salad Turnips, Broccoli, Kohlrabi, Bok Choi, Green Beans, Tomatoes, Sweet Onions, Salad Mix, Radishes