CSA Extended Season – Week 4

This Week’s Harvest60DF9A1E-B306-4A65-B70A-4CFF2B24D837

Sweet Potatoes

Nicola Potatoes

Red and Golden Beets

Red and Yellow Onions


Rainbow Carrots


Daikon Radish

Beauty Heart Radish

Red Cabbage

Green Cabbage

Farm News

While this delivery concludes our 2019 CSA season, it does not mean we are out of vegetables! We will be setting up a winter market table at 2nd Street Market every other Saturday throughout January and February! So, mark you calendars because we will be at market on 1/4, 1/18, 2/1 and 2/15. We still have ample supply of everything (minus the garlic) in this week’s box, plus butternut squash, turnips, and purple daikon. We are so grateful that our CSA and market customers have fully welcomed “seasonal eating” into their diets and find value in a box of vegetables that is heavy on storage roots!


On the other hand the coop through which we sell some of our produce was recently told by a grocery store that their local food program had come to an end for the year and they would not be purchasing from us again until next summer!?! Interesting, considering we still have thousands of pounds of food grown right here on our local farm! This is really just a minor inconvenience because there are many other outlets for our produce that understand the seasonality of local food.  And, while we do run into some hiccups like this when growing and marketing produce through our coop, the upside to growing larger quantities of food are many.

In fact we have found that increasing our production has allowed us better serve our market and CSA customers. Since we’ve been growing and selling more produce through our coop the last three years we also think our market stand and CSA have been stronger in regards to quality, quantity and variety! Really when you get right down to it, we are so grateful to ALL of our customers for supporting us through yet another year! Our CSA and market customers have been and continue to be there for us throughout the entire season, while we’ve also been given an opportunity to grow the farm through our involvement with Great River Organics (our coop). All of this to say, that as we look back on the year we want to thank everyone who has supported our farm and let you all know that we are very much looking forward to charging ahead and growing lots more produce in 2020!

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and we hope to serve you soon in the New Year!


Rutabaga and Potato Gratin

Sweet Potato Pie

Maple Roasted Beets and Carrots

Sweet And Sour Red Cabbage