This Week’s Harvest

Weekend cantaloupe harvest with the kids

Farm News

The start of August. A time of year when normally the farm is all consuming but summer break is winding down and it’s time to start thinking about school. In a typical year we actually do very little thinking about the start of school. Ben’s mom, Vicci, gets school supplies, new shoes, backpacks and lunch boxes and the kids just magically appear ready to go. We are such unreliable partners in this effort, that Vicci just by-passes us all together and has learned to go to the school website and download class supply lists herself.

This year, though, we are forced to think about school in an unexpected way. Like so many families, we are reviewing school opening plans and deciding if our kids will go to in-class school or if we will opt to do on-line learning. With the kids circulating through the community more, we have to consider the risks it would pose to the farm and our employees, who work so hard to bring you this good food. It has not been easy to think about -neither choice sounds particularly good- and I am sure many of you can relate!

I know that a lot of our CSA members are teachers, health care workers, parents–where ever you fall we are all navigating the coronavirus pandemic. I hope everyone is doing well! We are so appreciative of your support and confidence in us to provide good safe food-especially during this time. Hang in there and hopefully you are eating some really good home cooked meals while you are stuck at home!


Coming up next week (our best guess……….) Tomatoes, Carrots, Sweet Onions, Shishito Peppers, Sweet Italian Peppers, Fairytale Eggplant, Sweet Corn, Watermelon