CSA Week 14

This Week’s Harvest

Green Beans
Swiss chard
Sungold cherry tomatoes (last for the CSA season)
Jalapeño peppers
Sweet peppers (mix of Italian frying and red bell)
Sweet Onions
Sweet corn (last of the season!)

Farm News

When you see the farm everyday and only see it as an endless to-do list, it is easy to forgot how pretty it actually is. Last week we had a couple visitors to the farm from Gem City Market and they remarked at how beautiful the farm was while we walked around. And last week we were also treated to some very gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. Additionally, there have been some neat animal encounters recently. So despite the hustle we are stopping to enjoy the view!

Tabby and Charity picking basil on a foggy but colorful morning

A few weeks ago we were picking tomatoes and a swarm of bees flew overhead. Only one of us actually saw the bees but a few of us heard them- what sounded like a semi truck barreling down the road. Later that afternoon while picking melons along the tree line I heard what I decided must be the bees. We bushwhacked our way through the honeysuckle infested tree line and found the swarm. Had they decided to huddle on our side of the trees, I would have invited our market gardening friend, Stephen Cook, who has hives and is a master swarm collector (see for yourself here) over to get the swarm. Not knowing how bees work, I thought they would be around the next day and the next with a glorious hive for me to keep tabs on all fall. When I brought the kids out to show them they were gone. It’s a pretty fascinating phenomenon and you can read about bee behavior here.

Too bad the swarm landed on the other side of the property or we would have had a swarm catching viewing party!
baby Song Sparrows. One of three (!) nests in the same row of tomatoes
The dreaded tomato horn worm–but with parasitic wasp eggs on its back! pretty soon the eggs will hatch and eat the hornworm for food.
A praying mantis hitches a ride on the tractor while we pick squash.
Cotton candy skies. Just one of many pretty sunsets


Corn and Zucchini Quesadilla

Minestrone Soup (sub chard for the spinach)

Red Curry with zucchini and carrots

Coming Up Next Week (our best guess…..) Kale, Salad Mix, Green Beans, Sweet Italian Peppers, Watermelon, Potatoes, and more!