CSA Week 16

This Week’s Harvest

Farm News

Honey nut harvest. We grew these mini butternuts last year and positive customer feedback is bringing them back this year!

The weather is shifting and the crop harvest list is also shifting. For wholesale the summer squash is replaced with kale and for CSA the flavors of summer cling on just a bit as we replace them little by little with fall delicacies. The low this weekend is actually going to hit 40 degrees! 2 nights in a row! Which may put an end to our basil crop, of which we have one more planting. So if it isn’t in your boxes next week, it got fried (or should I say frozen)! We harvested our butternut and honeynut crop this past week. They will now cure in the barn for a week or two to develop their sweetness. We are more than half way through our 29 potato beds! But the sweet potato harvest is also on the to do list! While planting and weeding duties on the farm have calmed down, we are still quite busy and find ourselves in the midst of heavy lifting season.

Employee Spotlight: Kate

Kate picks kale for market

We were thrilled to have Kate join us for a second year this season. Kate is so attentive to her surroundings, has laser focus on the task at hand, is a super speedy squash box packer, and, like everyone on the farm, so very easy and fun to work with! She was born and raised in Englewood, spent time out west in grad school for ecological science, and recently returned to Dayton after realizing her true calling: massage therapy. Last year while she worked part time on the farm she was also working to get her Massage Therapy License. This year while working on the farm, she is building her very own Massage Therapy Practice! Do yourself a favor and check out Heartwood Massage Therapy . Kate is offering our CSA members an exclusive deal! You can get a one time $10 off services by typing in “Mile Creek CSA”in the notes box when booking your appointment!

Kate’s favorite farm tasks are ones that require a team effort–like digging all those potatoes beds– and when she is not farming or at Heartwood, Kate can be found river surfing, hiking the many MetroPark trails with her dog, or traveling for weekend excursions in her van.


Coming Up Next Week (our best guess……) Watermelon, cauliflower, arugula, red onions, honeynut squash, parsley, salad mix, poblano peppers, bell peppers and more!