CSA Week 19

This Week’s Harvest

Bok Choi
Salad Mix
Red Onions
Purple Kohlrabi
Hakurei Salad Turnips
Honeynut Winter Squash
Red Bell Peppers
Purple Potatoes
Jalapeno Pepper

Farm News

We woke up this morning to the coldest morning yet of the fall. Our thermometer read 34.7 degrees which was cold enough to foster the growth of frost in low lying areas around the farm. Fortunately it did not stay cold enough for long enough to kill any of the summer loving crops. At the same time the numerous cold nights that we have had have slowed down summer crops and all but assured that tomato and pepper season is coming to an end.

Given our harvest list for today that was fine. In addition to fall CSA crops such as cauliflower and salad turnips we had a large order of greens bunches to complete for our coop. These extended harvests of a single crop offer a welcome opportunity to complete a task while partaking of some engaging conversation with our thoughtful employees.

harvesting braising greens

This morning our conversation started with an article that I had been reading about the election of 1920. Thinking about this time period is interesting for me because my grandmother was born in 1917. She lost her father, my great-grandfather, to the pandemic of 1918. She would often remark on this fact mainly because it meant that she had to grow up an only child which was a definite disappointment for her! Additionally it meant that she was raised by her grandmother. This fact was notable because her grandmother still spoke German fluently, but much to my grandmother’s disappointment she refused to pass on this linguistic knowledge because of the political climate of post World War I America.

Harvesting cauliflower for the CSA share

As we all shared similar recollections of our family history the time passed quickly and we were done with our order in no time. In reality this happened none too soon because after my harvest requirements were met I had to address a mechanical issue with our delivery vehicle. The solitary work of diagnosis and repair was much different from the lively conversation that my morning task provided, but it did provide the perfect opportunity to further reflect on some of the stories and ideas that we all discussed this morning.

Just as the cold temperatures are a reminder that the season is coming to an end so is the rhythm of today’s tasks. For fall farm work is a mixture of harvest with just enough maintenance to get the farm through to the winter when everything can be properly fixed and prepared for the next season. Not surprisingly I know what I will be harvesting tomorrow morning (cabbage and kale for our coop) and what mechanical failure I will be addressing tomorrow afternoon (the John Deere key switch)!


Stir Fry Beef with Bok Choi and Turnips

Crispy Potatoes with Red Pepper Sauce (roast your kohlrabi and/or salad turnips with this dish as well!)

Roasted Fennel, Apple and Butternut Squash

Coming Up Next Week (our best guess….) cilantro, bok choi, sweet potatoes, beets, cabbage, arugula, sweet Italian peppers, and more!