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We continue to squeeze in as much as we can between significant rainfalls. Last week we had until Friday evening before we got an additional 3 inches of rain (no wind damage, power stayed on, so that’s great!). We did get the next round of summer squash in but not without excitement. We started planting first thing on Friday and got 3 beds in before the clouds rolled in and the threat of rain seemed imminent. We plant squash with a water wheel transplanter. A large metal wheel with spikes you can place at the appropriate spacing poke holes in plastic mulch. While it pokes holes, it also drops water in each hole from a 100 gallon tank that sits above it. 1 or 2 riders sit behind the wheel and plunge plants into the pre watered holes.

The waterwheel transplanter in action

As soon as it became clear we’d get some rain, the planters popped off the tractor. The tractor operator, Nate, just drove as fast as he could over the remaining 4 beds to get the holes made. Once the holes were made we knew we could easily plant by hand even after a storm. We broke for an early lunch while it thunderstormed and an hour later, and a fresh 1/2 inch of rain later, we finished planting. Got all 7 beds covered for pest protection as well!

We ditched riding on the waterwheel so that Nate could drive faster and poke holes in the remaining beds. We planted by hand 1/3 of a bed before the rain came pouring down. Fortunately we were able to get back out and plunge the rest of the plants in the ground.

We are grateful we don’t have to irrigate, but it’s getting close to being too late to plant some starts that are on deck–including the next round of tomatoes. And the weeds LOVE this weather and we don’t want areas of the farm to get out of control. But we got an awful lot done the last time the fields dried out so I don’t doubt we’ll be able to get back at it in a day or two!


Beef and Bok Choy

Zucchini Noodle Bowls with Bok Choy

Roasted Broccoli and Fennel Soup

Roasted Beet and Fennel Sandwich

Coming Up Next Week (our best guess…..) Zucchini, Broccoli, Fennel, Parsley, Kohlrabi, Garlic, Salad Mix, Bok Choy and more!

2 thoughts on “CSA WEEK 4

  1. Oh my goodness. That’s one GORGEOUS head of broccoli! You guys do an amazing job, and the Rytels are immensely grateful for your expertise. Our veggies are SO good. I cooked and pickled half the beets today – the rest are for tonight’s dinner!
    Sue and Ted

  2. I LOVE the vegetables and the recipes and suggestions. Thank you for all your hard work to produce and deliver them.

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