CSA Week 3

In This Week’s Box Sugar Snap Peas Summer Squash and Zucchini Scallions Red Leaf Lettuce Salad Mix Raspberries Cucumber Broccoli Cilantro Garlic Scapes       Fruit Share Sweet cherries from Tuken’s Orchard just outside New Lebanon SAVE THE DATE CSA member field walk: July 11 at 7pm It is vacation time — for theContinue reading “CSA Week 3”

CSA Week Two

In this Week’s Box Scallions Head lettuce Salad mix Rainbow kale Sugar snap peas OR snow peas Garlic Scapes Cucumber Strawberries (grown chemical free by our neighbor) Potted Herb (choose between thyme, sage, savory, oregano, mint and basil) Fruit Share Strawberries grown chemical free by Kenton Filbrun in Preble County (He also happens to manageContinue reading “CSA Week Two”

Growing organically

Certified organic. It sounds very official, and it requires a lot of paperwork and record keeping to legally get to call our produce “organic,” but what does that organic label really mean? At the most basic level it means that we don’t use any synthetic chemicals. But this simple definition misses how much we do inContinue reading “Growing organically”