We are currently hiring for the 2021 growing season! At Mile Creek Farm all employees are expected to:

– have the physical stamina to work a full day in conditions that at times will be hot, dry and dusty and at other times cold, wet and muddy. You must be able to keep up with other workers when we are working as a team and also able to push yourself to work quickly and efficiently when working on your own.

– be responsible for working efficiently and quickly to complete all work.

– be on time and ready to work when the workday begins.

– be able to complete physically demanding tasks that may include standing, squatting or bending for extended periods of time.

– be able to lift up to 50 pounds if necessary.

– be able and willing to work in weather that may be cold, hot, rainy, windy, humid and/or otherwise uncomfortable.

– be able to work independently or cooperatively as needed. There are days when everyone will be working side by side to complete a large task and there will be other days when everyone will be working separately on individual tasks.

We are currently hiring for the following positions: Harvesters, Packing Shed Assistant (filled for 2021), Delivery Drivers (filled for 2021) and Market Stand Assistant. Please scroll down to read more about these positions. Pay starts at $12/ hour. No prior experience is needed, but a desire to learn and a willingness to work hard are essential. Workers are encouraged to enjoy the fruits of their labor with vegetables from the farm as they are available. We carry workman’s compensation for all employees, but do not provide any additional health benefits.


Harvesters: Harvesters mainly participate in the weekly vegetable harvest for CSA, wholesale and market so the bulk of the season runs runs June to September and possibly into October. Minimum two month commitment required. Must work efficiently and be able to follow directions. Must be able and willing to work in summer heat, muddy wet conditions, and everything in between. Part time or full time.

Growing and Harvesting Assistant: This position may be full or part-time, and is available able from mid-March through November (minimum three month commitment). Ideal candidates will also have an interest in organic food and farming.

The growing and harvesting assistant’s tasks will include greenhouse, fieldwork and harvesting duties.

  1. Greenhouse duties: Assist in the production of transplants for sale at market and for use on the farm. Responsibilities will include filling and labeling flats, seeding flats, transplanting seedlings from open flats into cell flats, organizing the greenhouse, moving plants into or out of the greenhouse as necessary, and other tasks as the need arises.
  2. Fieldwork duties:  Assist with all aspects of crop production in the fields, including planting (riding on the tractor driven transplanter) crops in the field, weeding (using an assortment of hoes and/or hand-weeding), and other crop maintenance such as laying plastic mulch, trellising, etc.
  3. Harvesting duties: Participate in the weekly vegetable harvest for CSA and market. Responsibilities will include managing part-time workers in an efficient harvest, washing produce, record keeping and other tasks as the need arises.


Packing Shed Assistant: 1/11/21 update THIS POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED This position is full time, and is available able from mid-May through November. If you are interested in working earlier in the year it may be possible to begin this position as early as mid-March with Greenhouse and Fieldwork duties.

The packing shed assistant’s duties will be primarily focused on the post-harvest handling of the farm’s produce. This will include washing, sorting, organizing and packing vegetables for distribution through our CSA, wholesale accounts and at our market stand.

Market Stand Assistant: This is a part time position (5 hours per week) available on Saturday mornings (7-noon) from mid-May through November. The Market Stand Assistant will help set up and sell the farm’s produce at 2nd Street Market in downtown Dayton. Applicants for this position must be outgoing, customer centric and able to talk passionately about food.

If you would like to apply for one of the positions above or a combination of positions please email us a resume and cover letter indicating the position(s) you are interested in and your qualifications and experience.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We can be reached via phone at 937-687-8762 or through email with the following form.