CSA- Extended Season Week 1

This Week’s Harvest Salad Mix Spinach Brussels Sprouts Broccoli Carrots Sweet Potatoes Potatoes Beets Parsley Onions Kale Farm News Happy Thanksgiving! Of course this time of year we like to reflect on what we are grateful for. We are grateful we get to do this work which would not be possible without dedicated customers, familyContinue reading “CSA- Extended Season Week 1”


This Week’s Harvest Red Daikon Radish Broccoli Napa Cabbage Red Butter Lettuce Green Leaf Lettuce Cilantro Purple Potatoes Japanese Sweet Potatoes Multicolor Carrots Brussels Sprouts Farm News We hope you enjoyed these past 24 weeks of fresh seasonal vegetables–both the kitchen staples as well as the unique items. I enjoyed seeing what everyone was creatingContinue reading “CSA WEEK 24”

CSA Week 19

This Week’s Harvest Bok ChoiSalad MixRed OnionsPurple KohlrabiHakurei Salad TurnipsHoneynut Winter SquashFennelCauliflowerRed Bell PeppersPurple PotatoesTomatoesJalapeno Pepper Farm News We woke up this morning to the coldest morning yet of the fall. Our thermometer read 34.7 degrees which was cold enough to foster the growth of frost in low lying areas around the farm. Fortunately itContinue reading “CSA Week 19”

CSA Week 18

This Week’s Harvest Hakurei Salad TurnipsArugulaBraising GreensHoneynut SquashWatermelon (last of season!)Sweet onionsParsleyCauliflowerPotatoesKohlrabiTomatoesFennel Farm News The main news from the farm the past few weeks has been the complete lack of rain. The entire month of September brought only a half inch of rain (including yesterday’s rain). The main takeaways of this are that Ben continuesContinue reading “CSA Week 18”