5/22 and 5/26 CSA week 1

Welcome to Mile Creek Farm’s 2012 CSA season!

In today’s box (click on linked veggies for more info!)
Broccoli Raab, all green with some florets
Hon Tasi Tai, purple stems with florets and yellow flowers
Head Lettuce, red leaf and green leaf
Bok Choi, we grew a purple leafed variety this year
Red or Green Kale
Garlic Scapes, thin and curly tapering to a point
Strawberries (grown chemical free by one of our neighbors)
Basil Plant

Today is the first week of the CSA so we are going to take minute to let our members know how to find information about their CSA box (don’t worry if you aren’t immediately familiar with everything in your box, we’ll tell you what everything is and give you ideas on cooking all of these great vegetables).

All CSA posts can be found in the CSA category link that you should see in the toolbar to your right. Simply click on the “CSA” link and you can find all posts related to the CSA.

If there is a veggie that you are not familiar with or are looking for new ideas on using less familiar veggies try typing it into the search bar or click on the veggie in the list of veggies in today’s box. Veggie notes can also be found under the “food notes” category.

We will also be posting farm notes with updates and information on what we are working on and how the crops are doing. These notes can be found under the “farm notes” category.

Hopefully all this info will help you get the most out of your CSA boxes and will give you a look into what we do to grow your veggies. Please let us know, either via email or by commenting on a post if you have any questions.

Finally, thanks for your support. We hope that you are as excited for the start of this season as we are!

One thought on “5/22 and 5/26 CSA week 1

  1. Savoring the taste of our first CSA salad of the season! I chopped up the Hon Tsai Tai together with green lettuce leaves and added a cubed ripe avocado. Dressed it with our family “house dressing,” which others may also enjoy: 1/3 extra virgin olive oil, 1/3 balsamic vinegar, 1/3 Zatarain’s Creole mustard (a mild but flavorful brown mustard). Makes a low-fat, robust dressing. Enjoy!

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