8/7 CSA week 12

In this week’s box: Tomatoes Heirloom tomatoes Sungold Cherry Tomatoes Eggplant Garlic Bulbs Yukon gold or Nicola Potatoes (both potatoes are yellow-fleshed potatoes) Scallions Red Leaf Lettuce Green leaf lettuce Summer Squash and Zucchini French Filet Green Beans (beans don’t like really hot weather so they went dormant just as they were about to startContinue reading “8/7 CSA week 12”

7/31 CSA week 11

In this week’s box: Kale Heirloom tomatoes Slicer tomatoes Sungold cherry tomatoes Sweet corn Red and green leaf lettuce Candy onions Basil Sweet Italian red peppers Bell peppers Garlic bulbs (It is best to store garlic at room temperature in a dark pantry or cabinet, NOT in the fridge where the humidity and temperatures willContinue reading “7/31 CSA week 11”

7/24 CSA week 10

In this week’s box: Candy Onions Scallions Celery Red potatoes Basil Italian globe and fairy tale eggplant Jalapeño and Hugarian hot wax peppers (jalapeños are green and pack more heat than the milder yellow or sometimes red Hungarian hot wax peppers) Garlic Heirloom tomatoes Slicer tomatoes Sungold cherry and Juliet tomatoes Summer squash and zucchiniContinue reading “7/24 CSA week 10”

7/17 CSA week 9

In this week’s box: Tomatoes Cucumber Summer squash and zucchini Scallions Red Potatoes Red leaf lettuce Candy onions Bell peppers Fruit share: blackberries and blueberries (probably the last of the season) from Berryhill Also, please save the date for our annual CSA member field walk: Thursday, July 26 at 7:00 PM. More details and infoContinue reading “7/17 CSA week 9”

7/10 CSA week 8

In this week’s box: Scallions Summer squash and zucchini Fairy tale eggplant or Okra Basil Sweet corn Fennel Kale Cucumber Tomatoes Red and green leaf lettuce Fruit share: plums and peaches. The plums were grown by Scott Downing in Darke county. Scott Downing also sold us the peaches, but they were grown in West Virginia.Continue reading “7/10 CSA week 8”

7/3 CSA week 7

In this week’s box: Summer Squash and Zucchini Cucumber (first of the season…more to come!) Tomato (first of the season…lots more to come!) Candy Onions Scallions Garlic Red and Green Leaf Lettuce Bell Peppers (first of the season…more to come!) Jalapeño Pepper (short, green pepper) Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper (long, pale yellow mild hot pepper)Continue reading “7/3 CSA week 7”

6/26 CSA week 6

In this week’s box: Summer Squash and Zucchini Fennel or Chiogga Beets Sweet Onions Broccoli Swiss Chard Cabbage (Grown by Hungry Toad Farm in Centerville) Basil Fruit share: blueberries from Berryhill in Xenia This spring our cabbage did not make it into the ground. Fortunately we were able to trade veggies with our friend MichaelContinue reading “6/26 CSA week 6”

6/24 CSA week 5

In this week’s box: Broccoli Kale Red Leaf Lettuce Raspberries Fennel Bulbs Hakurei Salad Turnips Summer Squash and Zucchini Flat Leaf Parsley 1. Fruit share: blueberries from Berryhill outside of Xenia! 2. Flowers share begins this week and will run for ten weeks. 3. It’s hot! We do everything that we can to make sureContinue reading “6/24 CSA week 5”

6/5 farm notes

While every growing season is rewarding and challenging at different points throughout the season, this year we just keep marveling at how divergent from every previous year this season has been. The most recent example of the unexpected becoming necessary happened yesterday evening as I was heading out to set up irrigation. I walked pastContinue reading “6/5 farm notes”