7/24 CSA week 10

In this week’s box:

Candy Onions
Red potatoes
Italian globe and fairy tale eggplant
Jalapeño and Hugarian hot wax peppers (jalapeños are green and pack more heat than the milder yellow or sometimes red Hungarian hot wax peppers)
Heirloom tomatoes
Slicer tomatoes
Sungold cherry and Juliet tomatoes
Summer squash and zucchini

Farm notes
Monday was a hot, full twelve hour day. We harvested for the CSA, fertilized some recently planted crops, flame weeded some beds in hopes that we can get some carrots before Christmas, and planted more carrots and chard. All of this in addition to keeping the fall seedlings watered in the greenhouse (a task made much easier because the liquid shade is working great) and taking care of the chickens. Suffice to say that we were exhausted at the end of the day!

So when we were awoken by our alarm clock (aka our infant daughter) on Tuesday morning we heard sprinkles outside and were strongly hoping that it was about to rain. After checking radar we saw that we probably weren’t going to get much rain out of the storm, and I headed outside to move water around. We were then surprised, as I am sure others were, by the storm that came through later in the morning. When it was all said and done we ended up with just over an inch of rain. Enough to take a day or two off from watering!