CSA Week 18

This Week’s Harvest Hakurei Salad TurnipsArugulaBraising GreensHoneynut SquashWatermelon (last of season!)Sweet onionsParsleyCauliflowerPotatoesKohlrabiTomatoesFennel Farm News The main news from the farm the past few weeks has been the complete lack of rain. The entire month of September brought only a half inch of rain (including yesterday’s rain). The main takeaways of this are that Ben continuesContinue reading “CSA Week 18”

CSA Week 14

This Week’s Harvest Green BeansCarrotsTomatoesSwiss chardSungold cherry tomatoes (last for the CSA season)Jalapeño peppersSweet peppers (mix of Italian frying and red bell)CantaloupeZucchiniBasilSweet OnionsCucumberSweet corn (last of the season!) Farm News When you see the farm everyday and only see it as an endless to-do list, it is easy to forgot how pretty it actually is.Continue reading “CSA Week 14”