CSA Week 20

This Week’s Harvest Tendersweet Cabbage Hakurei Salad Turnips  Salad Mix Tomatoes Basil Broccoli Green Beans  Sweet Onions Braising Greens OR Kale  Pie Pumpkin Apple Shares McIntosh (good cooking apple, green and red) and Golden Delicious (sweet and crisp) SAVE THE DATE!! CSA Member Fall Harvest Potluck This Sunday Oct. 13 from 4:30 to 7. RainContinue reading “CSA Week 20”

CSA Week 19

This Week’s Harvest Zucchini (last of the season!!) Braising Greens Salad Turnips Cauliflower Broccoli Honeynut Squash Romano Green Beans Cilantro Dill Tomatoes Salad Mix Apple Share Cortland (larger, green/red, crisp and sweet/tart) and Jonathan (more red, smaller, softer flesh, sweet/tart) Farm News Still no rain and still hot on the farm. Last week I wasContinue reading “CSA Week 19”

CSA Week 18

This Week’s Harvest Cilantro Swiss Chard Radishes Poblano Peppers Sweet Peppers (Italian, mini or red bell) Salad Mix Jalapeno Peppers Tomatoes Sweet Onions Dill Escarole Potatoes Apple Share Melrose (crunchy, juicy and tart with a flat top)  and Jonagold (sweeter with a taller rounded top) Farm News We are digging lots of potatoes lately, squeezingContinue reading “CSA Week 18”

CSA Week 16

This Week’s Harvest Tomatoes Kale Sweet Onions Potatoes Garlic Green Bell Peppers or Sweet Italian Peppers Carrots Romano Beans Zucchini  Apple Shares Mollie’s Delicious ( large, red, sweet and soft texture) and Big Bronze (cross between Golden and Red Delicious developed by our provider, Downing Fruit Farm. Crisp, large green, sweet and tart flavor) FarmContinue reading “CSA Week 16”

CSA Week 15

This Week’s Harvest Tomatoes Basil Red Bell Peppers Jalapeno Peppers Delicata Squash and Carnival Squash Sweet Corn (last of the season!) Melons (Watermelon and/or Cantaloupe) (Last of the season!) Carrots Kennebec Potatoes Green Beans Apple Share Gala (red and sweet) and Honeycrisp (greener and sweet and tart) Farm News (in pictures)   Recipes Green BeansContinue reading “CSA Week 15”

CSA Week 14

This Week’s Harvest Watermelon (yellow or red) Cantaloupe Edamame Beans Kale Winter Squash (Delicata and Carnival) Red Onions Tomatoes Red Bell Peppers Sweet Italian Peppers Japanese Eggplant Basil Sweet Corn Farm News Ben and I have a work ethic that’s probably borderline insane and this is particular true when significant rainfall creeps into the forecast.Continue reading “CSA Week 14”

CSA Week 12

This Week’s Harvest Sungold Cherry Tomatoes Heirloom Tomatoes Beefsteak Tomatoes Okra (Tuesday only. Thursday will get it next week) Sweet Corn Sweet Italian Peppers Red Bell Peppers Cantaloupe OR Yellow Watermelon Basil Red Potatoes Sweet Onions Garlic Zucchini Farm News This spring I was asked to join the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association’s  (OEFFA)Continue reading “CSA Week 12”