Daikon Radishes

Daikon radishes are widely used in Asian cuisine. Some grow quite long and regularly will grow more than a foot long. Others are more rounded. We grow white and purple daikons round ones as well as the long icicle type. The spice is in the skin and the centers are crunchy and sweet. You can eatContinue reading “Daikon Radishes”

Sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are such a versatile vegetable. You can use them in savory dishes (anything from curries to soups to roasted vegetables) or you can go the sweet route and add a little honey, brown sugar or maple syrup to really bring out the natural sweetness of the sweet potato. They work well either cubedContinue reading “Sweet potatoes”

Heirloom tomatoes

Throughout tomato season we’ll include a selection of heirloom tomatoes in the boxes. Heirloom tomatoes are widely sought after for their taste and texture, but are often not as cosmetically perfect as hybrid slicer tomatoes. The heirlooms that we grow are Striped Germans (large mottled yellow and red), Valencia (medium orange), Japanese Black Trifle (tear drop deep red), andContinue reading “Heirloom tomatoes”