Sweet Onions

The sweet onion that we usually grow is a variety called Candy. Sweet onions are different from regular onions in taste and culture. Culture-wise, sweet onions are a fresh onion, that is they are harvested and consumed right away, whereas other onions are cured and stored for some time (developing those onion skins). As far as taste goes, we think little beats the sweet onion. It is milder then regular onions but still has great onion flavor and has a touch of sweetness that allows you to enjoy them raw. We love to make sandwiches that feature sweet onions and whatever else is fresh from the garden. A simple sandwich of sweet onions, cucumbers and mayo is something we look forward to ever summer. Try them in lettuce salads or dice them into your egg or tuna salad. And of course they can be used in anything you cook and are especially wonderful when caramelized.

Cucumber Salad

Sweet Onion Burgers

Caramelized Onions