We’ve been farming on our current land since 2007 and no two seasons have been the same weather wise. This year is already proving to be no different. Last year we seeded peas, carrots, beets, and flowers directly into the fields on March 17! Everything was 2 weeks ahead of schedule because of the warm dry March. This year we are back to an early wet and cold pattern. IMG_1009
On the left, the push seeder ready to plant peas on March 17, 2012 and the same beds on the right March 17. 2013. We are crossing our fingers for a nice warm dry spell so we can get some early crops planted. But our tractor is still disassembled (Ben gets the engine block, crankshaft and head from the shop tomorrow!) so we can stand a little more cold damp weather. We’ll wait and see if the weather turns in a couple weeks and in the meantime busy ourselves with machinery maintenance, greenhouse work, and various office tasks. Because once the weather does turn, we better be in good shape to be able to devout ourselves to the field work.