Early Spring

Most of the work on the farm these days is happening in our greenhouse. We started seeding mid February and each week since, we’ve seeded a new round of veggies and flowers. We’ve used a lot of propane to heat the greenhouse because of the incredibly cold weather we’ve had. Added to the increased usage, the cost of propane is double what it was last year! Fortunately we have CSA payments streaming in which helps with all of our early season costs.  Image ImageImage

We had a chance to plant several crops this week, including spinach, Swiss chard, bok choi, broccoli raab and some cold hardy flowers. The planting conditions weren’t ideal. For one it was a super windy day–not the nicest conditions for tender plants to get their start. But rain was forecasted for the following day (the following 3 days actually) so we knew this was going to be our only chance for quite some time. It is important that seedlings not get root bound from staying in the trays too long. We also had to plant in the driest part of the farm, which was not the field we planned to have these crops in. Spring planting is very rarely ideal, and we know by now we take what we can get. Image