Providing a Thanksgiving vegetable box is something we’ve wanted to do for sometime. This year we really focused on our storage crops in order to have enough to finish out the CSA and continue to go to 2nd Street Market throughout November. Not only did we accomplish this goal, but we also had enough to offer a special Thanksgiving Box!

In Your Box:

Sweet Potatoes
German Butterball Potatoes
Red Potatoes
Scarlet Turnips
Yellow Onions
Beauty Heart Radish
Daikon Radish
Butternut Squash


Butternut Squash Pie

Creamy braised turnips and kohlrabi with peas

Roasted Radishes, butternut squash and celeriac

Sweet Potato gratin with shallots and smoked gouda

Mashed Potatoes and Celeriac with crispy shallots (omit the scallions and increase the amount of crispy shallots)

Find even more recipes by clicking the links in the vegetable list above!

Farm News:

This was a crazy week on the farm as fall suddenly turned arctic on us. Our son had his first snow day, my 20 minute drive to market took 1 1/2 hours because of ice, and the field crops went from being productive and alive to frozen and dead. The lone survivor was kale, making the large quantity of storage crops on hand a welcome relief!

Between this Thanksgiving box and one more market, we will nearly clear out all the crops that remain in our coolers and barn, bringing our 2014 season to a close.

We have a lot to be thankful for as we work on making our dream of an organic farm a reality. First, we need to thank our customers. With the continuing support of repeat customers and the additional support of new customers, you have made this our most successful season yet!


As this season comes to a close we are already planning and prepping for next year in an effort to continually improve the farm. We know that the Miami Valley is hungry for local, organic vegetables and appreciates farm fresh flowers, and we look forward to growing for you for years to come!

Another necessary element to a successful farm is a strong labor force. We want to thank our employees for all their hard work. In terms of the day to day functions of the farm this was an incredibly smooth season. Farm work isn’t for everyone, and we appreciate our crews’ willingness to work hard in any weather, on any task, and with a positive attitude throughout the season. We are so very grateful!




And last, but not least, everyday we give thanks to our parents for their support. From allowing us to farm on their land to watching the kids during the week, from helping out at market to providing moral support, Mile Creek Farm would not exist without them!
Thank you to everyone! We had a great year and are already looking forward to bringing you all the best vegetables in 2015!