CSA Week 17

This Week’s Harvest

Kennebec PotatoesFench Breakfast


Mustard Greens

Delicata Winter Squash

Candy Onions

French Breakfast Radishes


Beets with Greens (Traditional or Chioggia)



Apple Share: This week’s apples are super sweet and crunchy. We have Honeycrisp (larger light red and green) and Gala (mostly red with yellowing streaking)

Farm News

This week we say good bye to our Packing Shed Manager, Jen. She has been with us for 3 years, taking care of everything in her office, the packing barn. This includes washing loads of dirt off beets to bring them to you squeaky clean, lugging thousands of pounds of potatoes from the truck to the floor scale to the cooler, organizing and keeping track of the contents of 2 walk-in coolers, packing the CSA boxes, organizing and washing market harvest, and everything else that needs done under that roof!IMG_4788

Jen has been patiently waiting to come off a waitlist for the Occupational Therapy Program at Sinclair for some time now and classes have finally begun for her. Additionally, she has also found related work in the field. It will be an adjustment not having her with us. It was so nice going into the farming season knowing that the packing shed was taken care of! We will miss her and wish her luck!


Arugula-Basil Pesto

Mustard Greens Bubble and Squeak

Roasted Onions with Penne (use basil in place of parsley)

Roasted Beets and Winter Squash