CSA Week 19

This Week’s Harvestimg_0122

Bok Choi


Red Onions

Butternut Squash

Purple Potatoes

Hakurei Salad Turnips


Salad Mix

Green Beans (Dragon Tongue, Yellow Wax OR Traditional Green)



Farm News

We had a lovely CSA potluck on Sunday! The variety of food was perfect, the ground wasn’t too wet to keep us from walking around the farm comfortably, and we had a great turnout! The only problem was that I forgot to take any pictures. I even charged my phone earlier in the day to make sure I would have enough charge. Turns out that wasn’t the problem and when the time comes, I just always forget to capture our member events. The only picture I got was the aftermath. We enjoyed having everyone out and talking shop (or organic vegetables as the case may be)!


During the farm tour I talked about a wonderful organization, The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA). They are a 30+ year old non profit with both an educational wing and organic certification wing working to promote sustainable agriculture throughout the state.  They host farm tours, have an apprenticeship program, put on workshops, get involved in national food and farming policy matters, and connect consumers with producers. One of the first things we did as new Ohio farmers was join OEFFA.

The highlight of every winter for us is going to Granville, OH for the annual OEFFA Conference, and this year we are so excited that it has relocated to Dayton! This is a wonderful conference with tons of workshops with farmer tracks as well as consumer tracks. We’ve heard inspirational keynote speeches from Joel Salatin (possibly the most famous sustainable farmer and advocate) and George Siemon (founding farmer of Organic Valley), enjoyed delicious meals, and learned so much from the conference over the years. We encourage our CSA members to check it out! Wether you want to learn about food policy, raising back yard chickens, or making your own ferments, I am sure there will be workshops that will pique your interest! Specific details of the keynote speaker and workshops haven’t been announced yet, but general info is found here. I will be leaving Save the Date postcards from OEFFA at the pick up sites this month–please feel free to take one or even several to share! Winter just got a whole lot more exciting for us–what better way to break up cold and dreary February than with a little foodie and farmer inspiration!


Potato Kohlrabi Gratin (purple potatoes will work just fine–if you have any radishes you can add those too!)

Cabbage and Turnip Slaw with Yogurt Dill Dressing

Sriracha Butternut Hummus (serve with kohlrabi and turnip matchsticks for dipping)