CSA Week 23

This Week’s Harvest


Sweet Potatoes



Scarlet Turnips


Braising Mix


Broccoli Raab or Mustard Greens


Bell Peppers

Apple Share:

Gold Rush (Yellow, sweet and crisp eating apple that keeps for a very long time) and 20/20 (a good tart green cooking apple that is a cross between Granny Smith and Golden Delicious) and Downing Land (apple only found on Downing Fruit Farm, developed by the Downing family. It is a small sweet red apple that is a cross between a Golden Delicious and Rome)

Farm News


Last week we completed one of the final major fall tasks on the farm, planting the 2017 garlic crop! For some reason we always seem to plant garlic on the warmest day of fall, so it was funny, given how warm this year’s fall as been, that we planted on one of the colder days. Another way more significant difference with this year’s planting was how quickly it went thanks to our waterwheel transplanter. Typically we are crawling around on the ground plunging garlic cloves into the soil as we race against the setting the sun.  This year we planted 100 pounds of garlic in 4 beds, 3 rows per bed and were done shortly after lunch! Last time on the transplanter for the season or planting the first crop of next season –either way you look at it, we are excited!

The first step to garlic planting is cracking the garlic bulbs into individual cloves
The dibble wheel creates three rows of evenly spaced holes for the garlic to go and the planters sit on the seats
The cloves are plunged into the planting holes and then covered up by quickly pushing dirt over them
Ben drives the tractor as slow as it goes–steering the incredibly slow moving tractor is actually the hardest job in the whole process!

This is the last week for some of our half (biweekly) shares. We want to thank you for joining the CSA this year and hope you enjoyed it! We hope that you discovered new vegetables and rediscovered old vegetables, ate delicious meals, and felt connected to a small family farm whose farmers are stewards of the land. We believe in what we do, enjoy what we do, and recognize that none of it is possible without our customers support! Thank you and have a wonderful winter!


Turnip and Carrot Soup (I’d omit the dried dill and garnish with cilantro instead)

Turkey Meatballs Over Greens (braising mix cooks quickly –it just needs a quick saute in a pan with a little cooking liquid-not the 10 minute boil the recipe calls for. If you use other greens like broccoli raab or mustard the cook time on them is longer)

Risotto With Broccoli and Fennel

Roasted Vegetable Fries with Creamy Cilantro Dipping Sauce (sweet potatoes, turnips, potatoes also work for fries!)