Community Supported Agriculture Year in Review

This year I made a concerted effort to take a picture of each CSA share we put out. While every single jam packed week had me scrambling to find the time for a photo shoot, I’m really glad I stuck with it. (Regrettably, I did miss 2 weeks due to farm schedule insanity! It truly is impossible to complete everything we want to accomplish on the farm.)

I love that the season is documented in this way. It is fun to relive the season and also a wonderful way for people to see what our CSA is all about.

We made great progress this year by dropping our flower production to focus on vegetables.  We had some of our biggest bell peppers ever, had several distributions of typically tricky crops like carrots, enjoyed giving herbs throughout the season, and rediscovered favorite vegetable varieties that we had hadn’t grown in awhile, like Delicata winter squash and purple cauliflower.

We are really looking forward to building on this past season’s success and making the 2017 season even better! We want to further improve our sweet corn and melon production and revisit crops that we have cut from production like celeriac and rutabaga.

There are several reasons we love farming. Given the shear amount of vegetables and varieties out there, the different ways to grow these crops, the seasonality of farming and sense of renewal every year, farming is very invigorating. We love the natural drive to take what we’ve learned and do better every year!

One thought on “Community Supported Agriculture Year in Review

  1. Thanks for sharing these photos! The vegetables are so beautiful and I really enjoyed getting them every week. A couple of the pictures remind me of a few of the most delicious meals that I have ever made with them over the summer. Thanks for putting your heart and soul into the farm. I appreciate it and will be there every week for more bounty from your farm.

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