CSA Week 2

This Week’s HarvestIMG_4090

Lacinato Kale

Bok Choi

Red Leaf Lettuce

Green Butter Lettuce



Salad Mix

Garlic Scapes


Basil Plant (members who did not receive one last week)

Farm News

The beginning of June marks the start of our extremely busy season, where all facets of the farm are demanding our attention at once and the do to list seems to get longer, not shorter. We are planting, harvesting, washing, delivering, trellising, seeding (for fall!), and weeding……and staying on top of it all as best we can.

Harvesting butter lettuce for the CSA boxes

This week we got 2 rounds of sweet corn in. A couple weeks ago we seeded over 6,000 corn seeds in hopes of having a window to plant it. If you don’t transplant corn in a timely manor, the crop will be set back and suffer. We hadn’t planned to start any corn this way, but we happened to have an empty-ish greenhouse and unclaimed beds all ready made up, so on a whim we seeded a round. It was exciting, then, when we were able to plant it out!  After the crew planted the corn and went home for the day, Ben seeded another 6 beds directly in the ground, and that night all 12 beds of corn were watered in well.

Freshly planted sweet corn at sun set

This week we have also hilled the potatoes, hand weeded the peppers and hoophouse carrots, mechanically weeded basically everything else, and trellised the raspberries. Other pictures from the week show Ben on one of several cultivating attachments and the 24/7 watering that we are doing now that it’s dry. We are glad this busy week came with some pretty glorious weather!

Ben weeds the wheel rows in our cabbage planting
Salad mix, radishes, arugula, turnips, and green beans get watered with our water reel


Chinese Cabbage and Chicken Roll Up (you could substitute kohlrabi for the carrots) (recipe from CSA member and food blogger at Farm Fresh Feasts)

Greek Style Kohlrabi Pie (you could add another green in addition to the kohlrabi leaves- either spinach or kale)

Garlic Scape and Kale Pizza