CSA Week 15

This Week’s Harvest

Watermelon (seedless!) OR Cantaloupe



Summer Squash and/or Zucchini

Salad Mix

Bok Choi



Candy Onions

Yellow Wax Beans



Zucchini Lasagna

Roasted Veggie Tart with chèvre and balsamic garlic jam 

Sesame Green Beans and Bok Choy

Farm News

Farming has its ups and downs and last week we experienced a down. We brought in our winter squash harvest and our 1/2 acre planting was close to a total bust. We think CSA will get a week of acorn, delicata and butternut but that’s it. No pie pumpkins or kabocha, no gorgeous 7 lb butternuts like last year. No squash for market or extended season boxes. Between disease and bugs, yields and quality were way down this year. The proper work was certainly put in– a day of planting, several rounds of weeding, fertilizing through the drip irrigation, and we even tried organic controls on the bugs.

Freshly planted winter squash on June 30
Looking good on July 25
Weeding the pathways
The field was weed free and plants large but you can see the yellowing diseased leaves starting to creep in- not good!
Downy mildew present mid August as squash just starting to form
This is what the plants should look like- dark green
There are probably a billion squash bugs in the field

We think the source of the problem was an overwintering population of the squash bugs and we have ideas on how to combat them for next year! We are also thinking about starting the squash earlier in hopes of beating the disease. And while this may not be a good winter squash year, the farm is still pumping out a lot of produce- like the melons we’ve been distributing the past couple weeks and this week’s huge bok choy! We hope you enjoy the current bounty and savor the winter squash when it does makes its appearance.