March Madness

It is not often that you get ground dry enough to work in March, but when you do, you jump at the opportunity. That was us this past week- all hands on deck as we worked ground, seeded hundreds of flats, and prepped hoophouses. Labor whose fruits will be born in June for the first month of CSA boxes and the 2nd Street Market stand.  Speaking of which, we are still taking members for our 2018 CSA season (vegetable delivery program). If you haven’t yet, why not SIGN UP and join today?

Prepped the carrot house with fertilizer and the walk behind tractor
Used the subsoiler to subsoil over 6 acres of fields. This tool lifts and shatters any hard pan that builds up due to compaction.
After subsoiling, we disced our early season fields
We start to make our beds with discs that throw the soil up in a mound. In addition to the discs, this pass has 2 chisel plow shanks that loosen soil down the center of the bed.
We also weeded the garlic with tine weeders. It took an hour to clean up 6 beds.
The tomato house also got its roof last week.
The greenhouse is filling up with beets, onions, spinach, lettuce, fennel, and herbs

We are particularly excited about the chance to subsoil. That is is a step you don’t need to do every year but it had been awhile since our fields had that done. With the wide window of dry weather it was a no brainer we’d do it this spring.  In the summer when we get dry spells, we work like mad to get all we can done. When the first sign of rain enters the forecast it is a relief as we know we’ll soon get a break. Until that rain though, we are outside with our plants, ignoring the mounting jobs inside. Piles of dishes and dirty clothes mound up, kids get tucked in super late, and dinners are thrown together  as an after thought. The last 2 weeks have felt just like this summer push!  So we are actually pretty happy that the farm is currently wrapped in a blanket of snow.  We don’t plant in the field until early April so the snow will not be a set back.  We can relax- but just a touch. Of course there is lots of computer and shop work that has been neglected during our dry March miracle! Once the ground dries out again we will shape the beds and be ready to plant!