CSA Week 2

This Week’s Harvest


Spinach OR Swiss Chard


Romaine Lettuce

Sugar Snap Peas


Salad Mix

Garlic Scapes

Bok Choi

Farm News 

It was an exciting week on the farm as planting our sweet potato crop went far from seamlessly. We order organic slips from a sweet potato farm down South who has supplied us the past few years. We are given their ship date, we cross our fingers it doesn’t rain and when they come we need to be ready to plant.

First the packages of live plants got lost in the mail! We ordered 5 packages and they dribbled onto the farm one by one. (The final package never did make it!) It rained a little in the morning on planting day but by 2 o’clock the ground was dry enough and no storms were on the radar. We made plans with the crew to stay late to get the potatoes in the ground, loaded up all the slips on the truck and headed out to the furthest spot on the farm where the sweet potato beds are. The crew had finished planting one bed when out of nowhere a huge storm formed right above us. IMG_1766It wasn’t even on the radar. And it just didn’t stop. It felt like an eternity for the crew who sought shelter in the truck and for me back at the wash barn not knowing what state the planting was in. It was indeed very stressful to have our afternoon plans of planting 4,000 sweet potato slips thwarted by a surprise inch of rain. And now we had thousands of soaking wet slips to deal with. At least the bed we planted got watered in!IMG_1770

Once the kids were in bed we worked until 1:00am giving the slips a place to hang out until we could plant them. If we just left them wet in their crates they would rot. We placed handfuls of the slips into deep pots with potting mix as a holding station. The little slips actually began to root so we when we planted they had some life to them. IMG_1780

IMG_1851The rain help off all weekend and by Monday afternoon we could get back out to the field and finished planting the final 5 rows! It feels great to cross that off the list…now on to the next thing!IMG_1846


Bok Choy and Snap Pea stir fry (You can sub kohlrabi for the carrot)

Dill Cream cheese spread (substitute 2 or 3 garlic scapes for the green onion)

Spinach and Dill Omelet  (can substitute Swiss chard for spinach)

Coming up next week (our best guess)….. Beets, Garlic scapes, broccoli, salad mix, radishes, parsley, kohlrabi, red leaf lettuce and more!