8/13 CSA Week 12

This Week’s Harvest


Tomatoes (Beefsteak and Heirloom)

Italian Sweet Peppers



Zephyr Squash


Yellow Wax Beans

Okra (Tuesday only. Thursday deliveries have already received it)

Poblaño Peppers

Salad Mix

Farm News


On Sunday we lucked out and stayed dry while thunderstorms popped up all around us. Our winter squash had been showing signs last week that it’s ready to harvest and we slated Monday to start the process. Harvesting a 1/3 acre of crops is so much easier in dry conditions and better for the crops long term storage capability.  Because the rain missed us we had a very successful harvest of pie pumpkins, delicata, acorn, and kabocha squash. CSA members last year might remember we had a winter squash crop failure so this season’s harvest was especially exciting! We have 4 bins of 4 different squashes curing now in the barn and 6 beds of butternuts left to go.  Should be a yummy fall!



Roasted Eggplant and Red Pepper Sauce (use fresh peppers -yellow and red and even poblano- and roast along with eggplant)

Roasted Beet, Green Bean and Olive Salad  (Wax Beans will work great)

Summer Veggie Kabobs

Coming up next week (our best guess)…………… sweet onions, watermelon, carrots, tomatoes, zephyr squash, delicata squash, kale, and more!