10/29/18 CSA Week 23


This Week’s Harvest



Sweet Potatoes


Kossak Kohlrabi

Brussels Sprouts



Purple Daikon Radish


Apple Share

Winesap, Melrose and Downing Land

Farm News

This week marks the end of our CSA for some of our biweekly members. We hope you enjoyed this culinary adventure of seasonal CSA eating! Our hope is that you discovered and enjoyed new vegetables,  expanded your skills in the kitchen, feed yourself and perhaps loved ones some delicious and nutritious meals, and maybe even tasted some of the best vegetables you’ve ever had.

Growing your vegetables has been a complete joy! We love cultivating the land and regenerating the soil, all while providing our community with healthy food. We can’t do it alone. We’ve had a great team this season.

Ricky, Audrey and Dan bring in the Brussels Sprouts

Ricky and Audrey came back for a second season with us which is fantastic! Before their time at Mile Creek, they worked with Happy Box, another Dayton based CSA that operated for several years.  This year their responsibilities expanded to tractor operating. By the end of the season, they ran the planting days on the Farmall without Ben or myself present. Now Audrey is getting comfortable on the John Deere and has mowed, subsoiled and used the forks!

Audrey and Courtney plant celery on the waterwheel while Ricky drives
Courtney and Ricky plant potatoes while Audrey drives

Dan came to us with tons of experience on organic farms on the east coast. Before moving to Dayton he was the farm manager of Hutchins Farm, one of the oldest and largest organic farms in Massachusetts. (Fun fact: Ben and I meet in Boston and would shop Hutchins Farm’s Central Square Market stand on Mondays for our weekly veggies. These were pre-Dan days, put still). Right away, we could turn Dan loose and he was able to do all the work that only Ben has been able to do in the past. Dan’s awareness of everything going on on the farm was incredible and it was great to have another person to bounce ideas off of.

Dan cultivates and hills the sweet corn
Sophia picks zucchini for the umpteenth time

I wrote about Courtney a couple week’s ago so check out this post to learn about Courtney and her new farm. This is Courtney’s last week with us. We are sad to see her go but excited to watch her grow her own farm. We also had part time help this year. A CSA member helped pack CSA boxes in the summer months and we welcomed back Sophia after her first year at OU for a 2nd summer. And Ben’s parents essentially help us everyday with either childcare or market or CSA pack!

Thanks to our staff and our customers, we are able to grow our farm into the 30 acre successful organic farm it is today!


Carrot and Rutabaga Ginger Soup

Creamy Baked Kohlrabi and Kale

Shredded Brussels Sprouts, Apple and Kohlrabi Salad

Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Radish and Cauliflower (substitute kohlrabi or turnips for the cauliflower)

Coming Up Next Week (Our Best Guess…….) Sweet Potatoes, Beets, Carrots, Brussels Sprouts, Red Cabbage, Beauty Heart Radishes, Braising Mix and more!