CSA Week 1

This Week’s HarvestIMG_6141

Bok Choi

Salad Mix



Head Lettuce

Daikon Radish or Purple Top Turnips

Sweet Potatoes

Basil Plant

Veggie Notes:

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As many of you know, we are part of a cooperative of organic farms in Ohio, and our fellow co-op member farm, Wayward Seed Farm still had beautiful sweet potatoes from his 2018 crop. We are thrilled to be able to offer these certified organic Ohio grown sweet potatoes to our CSA members to round out our first harvest of spring veggies! Adam is a wonderful grower and mentor to us! 

Farm News

What a spring! I feel like a broken record, but once again the drainage tile that we installed over the 30 acre farm in 2016 is proving to be a life saver. It’s definitely been a wet spring, but because our drainage has improved so much the fields have dried out in time for us to stay on top of all the bed preparation, planting, and weeding. Because of our tile, even if it rains a quarter inch we are still able to get back in quickly–sometimes even the same day!

We were able to plant our celeriac and celery all in one day with a rainstorm intermission during lunch. It was definitely slippery- but planting in wet conditions won’t damage the soil.

One casualty of the wet spring we’ve never experienced before is rotting potatoes. The potatoes were one of the first things we planted and the low parts of the beds that have stayed wet pretty much from the time of planting have no potatoes coming up. I did a little digging and sure enough came across a rotten seed potato. The good news is our beds are 400 ft long, so we still have plenty of potatoes even if the first 20 feet are wiped out. Even though this has never happened before we are wondering if we should just push our potato planting date back a bit.

Wishing the entire potato field looked like this
Low lying front of field where only weeds are present


Setbacks in farming are inevitable that’s why our mantra is “just keep planting.” We have fields and fields of really good looking crops nearly ready to pick and have been right on time with planting the first round of summer crops. All in all we’re in excellent shape!



Sweet And Sour Bok Choy and Radishes (use the purple Daikon for your radish)

Curried Sweet Potato Fries with Creamy Dill Dip

Greek Spinach and Dill Rice

Lettuce Soup

Coming Up Next Week (Our Best Guess……..) Scallions, Dill, Salad Mix, Head Lettuce, Bok Choi,  Red Radishes, Arugula, Spigariello Liscia