CSA Week One

This Week’s Harvest

Potted Basil Plant


Rutabaga OR Kale  

Garlic Scapes




Salad Mix


Farm News

Welcome to either another CSA season or your first CSA season with Mile Creek Farm! 2021 is our 14th year operating a CSA. We’ve grown from 30 members to over 300 members! A handful of you are original members from our first year! It has been a learning curve and we’ve improved so much so we are super grateful we still have folks from those beginning years! I just looked up our first newsletter and our very first box on June 10, 2008 had garlic scapes, salad mix, head lettuce, buckheat sprouts and baby broccoli (this just means the broccoli we planted never made big heads).

Our first garlic harvest

An especially fun and exciting thing is that 2 of our original CSA families now have members who work for us! You may have been helped by Emery, a junior at Oakwood High School, at market last year. She has literally grown up with our food and now helps out at 2nd Street Market! And Nate is starting his third season working for us, but his intro to Mile Creek was way back in ’08 when his dad joined the CSA our very first season.

Nate and Ben give our greenhouse new plastic before we filled it with plants

We are also excited to welcome our brand new members and hope that you enjoy our produce and this unique way of getting it! This blog is a part of the experience so we hope that it provides you with a connection to your food as well as a support for making the most of your box. We’ll always have the harvest list at the top– several of the vegetables listed will link you to additional info pages about the vegetable– and a few recipes at the bottom to help you get started! Enjoy this week’s bounty–the first of many!


Garlic Scape Pesto (my suggestion is to serve this with roasted vegetables including carrots and rutabaga)

Lemon Dill Butter (our neighbor recently told me she makes and freezes dill butter and that sounded like a great way to taste summer in the winter. A little goes a long way with dill so you could make several rounds of this with your one bunch of dill!)

Arugula Dill Frittata

Coming Up Next Week (our best guess….) Kale, Sugar Snap Peas, Carrots, Head Lettuce, Spinach, Radishes, Salad Mix