CSA Week 14

This Week’s Harvest

Sweet corn (last of the year!)


Sungold Cherry Tomatoes

Japanese and/or Globe Eggplant

Salt and pepper cucumbers

Red bell peppers

Sweet Italian peppers 

Poblano peppers





Farm News

Among vegetable farmers August is known as “Slogust”. We have literally been working nonstop. Just yesterday alone, with the help of two former employees, we harvested 300 lbs of summer squash and 3 macro-bins of butternut squash, tied tomatoes, handweeded 4 beds carrots, cultivated the brassica field, seeded spinach and cilantro, and cultivated beet and salad plantings! Phew! We are looking forward to September and welcoming back a tiny bit of personal time. Maybe?

Last week we watched storms hit everywhere but at the farm. It did finally rain here on Monday!
Last week we hand weeded all 13 of our fall carrot beds. Found a couple swallowtail caterpillars munching on their host plant.
Last we harvested our winter squash crop: honeynut, butternut and spaghetti squash this year! We ended up with 9 bins total

One major task we won’t have to do after this week is our summer squash harvest which we have been doing 3, sometimes 4, days a week since mid June. The sweet corn harvest ends this week as well. We really love sweet corn and think it adds value to our weekly boxes, so we try to have it 8 weeks in a row. Of course these harvests are just replaced by different fall crops like potatoes and sweet potatoes, but at least it’s a change of scene! Perhaps the more noticeable change will take place once seeding and planting is over, which is about a week away. There will be less to water and less to weed as well.

Just a couple salad plantings left of the season!

While we have been putting in 7 days a week for Slogust, we are rounding the corner to saner days! And nicer weather too!


Tomato, Zucchini and Corn Pie

Ratatouille and Polenta Bowls

Roasted Potatoes with Romesco Sauce (double or triple the sauce recipe and freeze some for later!)

Corn and Cheese Stuffed Poblanos

Coming Up Next Week (our best guess….) Salt and pepper cucumbers, watermelon, salad mix, kale, tomatoes, peppers, sweet onions, basil and more!