CSA – Extended Season Week 2

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We are glad to have an extended season because there are so many seasonal vegetables yet to enjoy this time of year! The brussles sprouts in both this share and the last are a good example of this. They are super cold hardy and taste their best after a few freezes and thaws. I’ve been noticing the past few weeks that they get remarked on a lot at market so I thought writing about them would be of interest.

They are in the large brassica family that I have written about before that includes radishes, broccoli, arugula, kale, and even turnips. Brassica seeds are all perfectly round and for this reason, they are very easily seeded with our vacuum seeder.

The many shades and sizes of brassicas but note they are all round
round seeds get vacuumed into their hole quite easily
first day in the ground mid July

They are in the ground for awhile. They get seeded in the first round of fall brassicas- but they are last brassica to be picked! After the plants have bulked up, we cut the growing tips off. This encourages the plant to stop putting on top growth and more leaves and instead put its energy into developing the sprouts.

Walking the planting giving it its haircut. In this picture, the row on the left center has been cut but the row on right center hasn’t been yet
Sprouts developing after the top was chopped
A plant that did not get topped and therefore has smaller sprouts
2 seeds dropped in the same cell back at seeding which resulted in 2 plants sharing the same space and so neither plant actually produced big enough sprouts!

Brussels sprouts is one of those vegetables that probably fits in the “I didn’t realize they were good” category for several people. I was actually one of those people back when we first started our farming journey. In fact we didn’t grow brussels at first because I was sure they weren’t any good. I’m glad I have come around and hopefully we have converted a few more people this year as well!

This will be the last distribution of this unique vegetable so savor it!


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