What is a CSA anyway and why should I join one in winter?

  Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a wonderful producer consumer relationship; one in which a consumer agrees to get his/her main source of vegetables for a season from one farm and that farm agrees to produce a diverse range of high quality vegetables. It is a hyper local diet because the farm is oftentimes locatedContinue reading “What is a CSA anyway and why should I join one in winter?”

CSA Week 17

In this week’s box Onions Napa cabbage Scarlet turnips Hakurei salad turnips Red or green kale Red leaf lettuce Summer squash (last of the season) Bell pepper Jalapeño and Hungarian hot wax peppers Kossak giant kohlrabi Green beans (We updated our web program and I can’t figure out how to make a link anymore, soContinue reading “CSA Week 17”

CSA Week 16

In this week’s box Green or purple kale Hakurei salad turnips Easter egg radishes Green leaf lettuce Romaine lettuce Red onions Summer squash and zucchini Chiogga “Candy stripped” beets Tomatoes Potatoes Garlic Notes from the farm Over the weekend Ben and I had a chance to leave the farm– only to discuss the farm overContinue reading “CSA Week 16”

CSA Week 15

In this week’s box Sweet corn Acorn squash Swiss chard Radishes Salad mix Head lettuce Garlic Scallions Beets Purple potatoes Bell peppers Tomatoes Arugula Farm notes With the appearance of winter squash and the disappearance of tomatoes in this week’s box, this week really signals a shift in seasons. While this current heat wave wouldContinue reading “CSA Week 15”

CSA week 14

In this week’s box Edamame beans Kohlrabi Head lettuce Salad mix Summer squash and zucchini Radishes Broccoli raab Scallions Tomatoes Sweet corn Basil Eggplant (not grown by us) Fruit Share: Asian pears, European plums and magnolia gold apples all from Downing Fruit Farm Vegetable notes: Our eggplant crop is not producing well this year butContinue reading “CSA week 14”

Week 10

Week 10 Tomatoes Sungold cherry tomatoes Celery Leeks Sweet onions Salad mix Cucumbers Summer squash and/or zucchini Potatoes Basil Fairy tale eggplant OR haricot verts OR tomatillos Food notes We recommend that you store all of these tomatoes you are getting on your kitchen counter. Refrigerating tomatoes compromises the flavor and they should still haveContinue reading “Week 10”

CSA Week 9

This week’s box Potatoes Dragon tongue beans Sweet onions Summer squash and zucchini Tomatoes Sungold cherry tomatoes and Juliette tomatoes Basil Garlic Bell peppers Hot peppers ( jalapeño and/or Hungarian hot wax) Cucumbers Fruit Share Peaches and blackberries from Downing Fruit Farm in New Madison Farm Notes Somehow we were able to plant those thousandsContinue reading “CSA Week 9”

CSA Week 7

Basil Green beans Haricot vert (French filet beans) Sweet onions Summer squash and zucchini Head lettuce Cucumbers Scallions Tomatoes Fairytale Eggplant, okra, or sungold cherry tomatoes (we will rotate these crops to the different pick up sites throughout the season) The story on the farm this week has been irrigate, irrigate, irrigate. We got awayContinue reading “CSA Week 7”

Week 6

Summer Squash and Zucchini Salad mix Kale Cabbage Sweet Onions Fennel bulb Tomato (pounds and pounds more to come) Celery Bell Peppers ( purple, lime green and yellow which all taste like green bell peppers) Jalapeño pepper REMINDER: Farm Tour and Field Walk for CSA members Thursday July 11 at 7pm Farm Notes: One ofContinue reading “Week 6”

Week 5

In this week’s box Raspberries Salad Mix Cabbage Broccoli Fennel Bulb Celery Basil Parsley Summer Squash and/or Zucchini Scallions Farm notes As farmers we wear many hats–and not just our dirty sweaty ones. We are salesmen at market, bookkeepers, businessmen. One of the more interesting aspects of our job is coming up with ways toContinue reading “Week 5”