CSA Week 15

In this week’s box

Sweet corn
Acorn squash
Swiss chard
Salad mix
Head lettuce
Purple potatoes
Bell peppers

Farm notes
With the appearance of winter squash and the disappearance of tomatoes in this week’s box, this week really signals a shift in seasons. While this current heat wave would seem to suggest differently, summer crops are on their way out while the number of fall crops ready to harvest increases every day. We’ve harvested the acorn squash already while the rest of the winter squash harvesting is just around the corner. Unlike some winter squash, acorn squash doesn’t need to cure to develop its sweetness. Once the butternut squashes are harvested, they will sit in our barn for a couple weeks to cure. During this time, the starches will turn to sugars, making a sweeter squash. This is also what happens to sweet potatoes, which won’t be in your boxes until the final weeks of the CSA. The potato harvest is nearly complete with just a few more beds yet to harvest. Pumpkins are turning from green to orange. Pretty soon our barn is going to be full of these storage crops! Also in the category of fall crops are some of the cooler weather loving crops we had earlier in the season. Back are the nice large heads of lettuce, arugula, kohlrabi and radishes. The brassicas that take a little longer to mature (broccoli, cabbage and the like) are looking really good despite this hot and dry weather.

Being part of a CSA is not just giving you a direct connection to the people who grow your food, it is also giving you the culinary experience of eating seasonally. We hope you are enjoying this way of eating and preparing food! While there is heat advisory out today and most likely tomorrow as well, cooler weather is on its way. With a high of 67 and a low of 42, this Friday is looking like a good day to turn the oven on and cook up this week’s acorn squash!

Roasted corn pudding stuffed winter squash (use both squash, not the recommended 1 squash)
Swiss chard and potatoes
Fall beet salad


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  1. I love the recipes you post and appreciate the opportunity to try combinations I had never tried. Thank you

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