Week 5

In this week’s box
Salad Mix
Fennel Bulb
Summer Squash and/or Zucchini

Farm notes
As farmers we wear many hats–and not just our dirty sweaty ones. We are salesmen at market, bookkeepers, businessmen. One of the more interesting aspects of our job is coming up with ways to increase the farms’ efficiency. This is especially important this year as we are doubling the acreage we grow on. Since the way we farm is not mainstream and since our systems are different then others, we often have to get creative and fabricate ideas we’ve gleaned from other organic farmers. Last winter Ben made a vacuum seeder.

It is basically a box that has a plastic screen with lots of holes on one side. It hooks up to the shop vacuum which collects the seeds into each hole with the vacuum it creates. Here Emily seeds this week’s sunflower planting. It is so great having a fast way to seed during the busy months of June, July and August.
This winter Ben took a welding class and quickly put his new skills to work. We have an old cultivating tractor that came with cultivating sweeps and Ben welded a mount for the sweeps. As you can see from the pictures, it can take care of a lot of weeds fast!



We hope you can make it out to our field walk next Thursday at 7pm and see these creations as well as several other Mile Creek Farm originals!

This week’s recipes
Chicken with rice, broccoli and scallions

Fennel, celery and cabbage slaw (use your cabbage and not packaged slaw salad!)

Pasta with Broccoli and herb butter

Cabbage rolls with creamy parsley sauce