What is a CSA anyway and why should I join one in winter?

  Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a wonderful producer consumer relationship; one in which a consumer agrees to get his/her main source of vegetables for a season from one farm and that farm agrees to produce a diverse range of high quality vegetables. It is a hyper local diet because the farm is oftentimes locatedContinue reading “What is a CSA anyway and why should I join one in winter?”

CSA week 1

This week’s harvest Mustard Greens Garlic Scapes Green Kale Salad Mix Red and Green Head Lettuce Kohlrabi OR Radishes Strawberries (grown chemical free by a neighbor) Potted Herb (chose between Sage, Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Savory, and Mint) Fruit Share Strawberries from Downing Fruit Farm Welcome to Week 1 of the 2013 CSA season! Before weContinue reading “CSA week 1”

10/2 CSA week 20

In this week’s box: Celeriac Celery Scarlet turnips Sweet potatoes Garlic Onions Lettuce Swiss Chard Daikon radish Napa Cabbage Baby Beets with Greens Fruit share: Apples from Scott Downing in Darker county and blackberry jam from Berryhill in Xenia. The two varieties of apples are Winesap (nice balance of sweet and tart in a firmContinue reading “10/2 CSA week 20”

Daikon Radishes

Daikon radishes are widely used in Asian cuisine. Some grow quite long and regularly will grow more than a foot long. Others are more rounded. We grow white and purple daikons round ones as well as the long icicle type. The spice is in the skin and the centers are crunchy and sweet. You can eatContinue reading “Daikon Radishes”

9/25 CSA week 19

In this week’s box: Lettuce Garlic Onions Sweet potatoes Hakurei turnips Radishes Eggplant Tomatoes Bell peppers Cilantro Hot peppers Bok Choi Fruit share: fresh apple cider (pressed this morning!) and apples (two varieties…golden delicious: green / yellow apple that easily beats any store bought golden delicious for texture and flavor and Ida Red: green /Continue reading “9/25 CSA week 19”

Sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are such a versatile vegetable. You can use them in savory dishes (anything from curries to soups to roasted vegetables) or you can go the sweet route and add a little honey, brown sugar or maple syrup to really bring out the natural sweetness of the sweet potato. They work well either cubedContinue reading “Sweet potatoes”

9/18 CSA week 18

In this week’s box: Sweet potatoes Red Leaf lettuce Onions Bok choi Turnip greens with scarlet salad turnips (cook the turnip greens like you would mustard greens or any other tender leafy greens) Slicer Tomatoes Sungold Cherry Tomatoes Garlic bulbs No fruit share this week, but it will return next week! Don’t forget to markContinue reading “9/18 CSA week 18”