10/2 CSA week 20

In this week’s box:

Scarlet turnips
Sweet potatoes
Swiss Chard
Daikon radish
Napa Cabbage
Baby Beets with Greens

Fruit share: Apples from Scott Downing in Darker county and blackberry jam from Berryhill in Xenia. The two varieties of apples are Winesap (nice balance of sweet and tart in a firm apple; dull green / red) and Monroe (sweeter than winesap and nice and crisp; bright green / yellow / red)

Farm notes:

This week will be the final week of our 2012 CSA season. As always we really enjoy doing the CSA and we are really grateful for the support of all of our members. Perhaps in the years to come we will extend the CSA season further into the fall / winter. This is probably our favorite part of the year to farm in because the weather is generally a bit more mild and the cool weather grows some of our favorite crops really well! So for those of you who like the turnips, radishes, greens, broccoli, etc. you can still find us at 2nd Street Market on Saturdays from 8-3.


Fall Roasted Vegetables
Cut into bite sized cubes assorted vegetables totaling 5 cups: sweet potato, diakon radish, turnips, onions, beets and celeriac. Place in deep baking dish and toss with generous amount of olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast at 400 degrees for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes or so. This time is approximent. veggies are done when they pierce easily with a fork.

Gorgonzola Chicken with sweet potato and swiss chard

Vegetable Soup

Indonesian Sweet Potato and Cabbage Soup (use Napa Cabbage)