9/25 CSA week 19

In this week’s box:

Sweet potatoes
Hakurei turnips
Bell peppers
Hot peppers
Bok Choi

Fruit share: fresh apple cider (pressed this morning!) and apples (two varieties…golden delicious: green / yellow apple that easily beats any store bought golden delicious for texture and flavor and Ida Red: green / red apple that’s tarter than the golden delicious)

Also, please join us for our end of the season potluck this coming Sunday at 4pm.

Farm notes:

Since it officially became fall this week I guess that it is fitting that we spent more time worrying about how cold it was going to get instead of hot it was going to be. With the storms that went through last Friday night we got over an inch of rain, and the ensuing cold front threatened to bring us our first frost of the season. It did get down to 33, but most of the farm was spared from season ending frost. In preparation for the possibility of even colder weather we had harvested a couple of more tender crops such as eggplant, peppers and tomatoes. Of course even if they weren’t killed by the frost these crops have slowed way, way down and we won’t be harvesting much off the plants in the coming weeks.

The cold weather also means that the rest of the farm needs to be prepped for late fall / winter. To this end we pulled off row cover that had been on fall crops. There is no longer insect pressure to worry about and we instead want to make sure that the crops dry out between rains or irrigation cycles. We are also about to tear out everything that remains of the summer crops in the hoophouse and plant it to head lettuce which we plan to have available through November at 2nd street market on Saturdays. Finally we were reminded that we need to winterized the buildings and machinery around the farm by our greenhouse. When we were out around dusk in Saturday night we heard the greenhouse heater kick on. Turns out that the thermostat which had been set to 50 in the spring had never been switched off!


Sweet Potato Enchiladas (we did a quick version by tossing diced and cooked sweet potato with salsa, black beans, and cilantro and used a store bought enchilada sauce)

Moroccan Tajine with Sweet Potato and Eggplant

Roasted Eggplant Salsa