8/28 CSA week 15

In this week’s box:

Heirloom tomatoes
Slicer tomatoes
Juliet or sungold tomatoes
Assorted sweet and bell peppers
Purple Potatoes
Dragon tongue beans or French filet green beans
Yellow onions
Okra (some pick up locations get it this week, the rest get it next week)

Fruit share: raspberries from Berryhill and melons from Bayer’s Melon Farm (a family farm near us)

Farm notes:

We are kind of stuck between seasons on the farm right now. We are still harvesting summer crops but most of these crops have peaked and are slowing down production. On the other hand fall crops are beginning to take off, but are still a couple weeks away. Yesterday Emily strapped our daughter into her carrier and took some pictures so that everyone can see what’s going on at the farm.

First because everyone loves flowers!




Here are some of the fall crops. Don’t worry even though they are all tucked in, they aren’t sleeping. After we lost the first round of broccoli, etc. to insects we made sure to cover this second fall planting!

See there really are crops growing under those row covers.


Elsewhere crops that were planted long ago (and which have subsequently been all but forgotten!) are almost ready to harvest. We’re going to let the sweet potatoes get a little bigger, but we’ll be harvesting them soon!


Of course fall also means saying goodbye to some crops. Once the tiller comes out it is time to say goodbye!


Pesto potato salad with green beans

Fresh tomato soup

Celery, avocado and bell pepper salad ( you could throw in juliet or sungold tomatoes)