CSA week 12

This Week’s Harvest

Sweet onions
Bell peppers
Head lettuce OR salad mix
Sungold cherry tomatoes
Sweet corn
Green beans OR dragon tongue beans
Beets with beet greens
Summer squash/zucchini

Notes from the farm

Over the weekend I strapped Isla onto my back and went out to cut sunflowers. I couldn’t believe it, but it was the first time I had done this with her. Not only that but it won’t be much longer that I can’t do it! I cut flowers with Evan on my back ALL the time! It was a common napping spot! Isla seemed to have a great time. It helped that one of our cats followed us out to the fields and provided endless entertainment for Isla as he constantly tried to lay at my feet only to have to jump out of the way (cutting sunflowers is not a stationary job!). I will have to cut flowers with her on my back again! Evan and Isla are young enough that we can’t get work done when they are around (or at least not very efficiently) but they are very much aware of their upbringing on a farm. The other day Isla pointed to a black trash can and said “mommy makes bouquets” because it looked like my flower buckets. At market Evan enjoys dumping out the water from the empty flower buckets, breaking down the tables with me, and loading flower buckets onto the truck, one by one by one. This is our last fall before Evan starts kindergarten and I plan on cherishing our time with them both on the farm this fall. It is my favorite time of year and the pace of the farm slows down just enough for it not to be all about getting the work done. While I dream of fall days to come, I hope you enjoy the summer harvest of this week’s box!


Recipes (sweet onions can be used instead of other onions in all of the following recipes)

Corn mashed potatoes

Roasted potatoes and beets

Warm beet and green bean salad

Corn and tomato salad