CSA Week 13

This Week’s Box

Bok Choi
Sweet Onions
Summer Squash and Zuchinni
Green Beans or dragon tongue beans
Fairytale Eggplant or okra or tomatillos or hot peppers
Head Lettuce
Bell peppers

News From the Farm
Even though school is back in session and some leaves are starting to change color, this week’s hot weather is a harsh reminder that we are still in the thick of the season. One of us has been slipping out, careful not to wake sleeping children, at sunrise to get tasks done — pick basil before the temperature creeps up too much or tilling beds using what moisture we can get (in this case the dew) to keep the dust down. Then we take turns who gets to work after dinner until dark. (Of course the person who stays in is also doing work– email responses, record keeping, etc) This is the time of year were it would be oh so helpful to get a few extra hours tacked on to each day! Here are a couple sunrise pictures taken this week.



It doesn’t help that our equipment is quite old and subject to numerous breakdowns! This week Ben has been tackling the Allis Chalmers G, our cultivating tractor. The fuel intake was so clogged that fuel was barley dripping to were it needed to go, not flowing. So Ben would be driving down a bed, happily weeding, and the tractor would stall. After a couple minutes rest, the tractor would start up and Ben would be on his way….only to stall out in the next bed! Since introducing this tractor into the regular field work routine, the beds have been beautifully free of weeds, so getting it back up and running is a priority. Fortunately it seems it is going to be an easy fix. The hardest part? Finding the time to do it!


polenta with sautéed leeks, zucchini and tomato

stuffed zucchini and summer squash

Moroccan style green bean and potatoes

bok choi with mushrooms and green beans