CSA Week 13

This Week’s Harvest

Red bell peppers
Dragon tongue beans
Broccoli raab OR mustard greens
Red leaf lettuce
Tomatoes ( slicers, heirlooms, sungold cherries)
Onions (red and candy)
Sweet corn
Summer squash and zucchini
Cantaloupe ( Oakwood and farm pick up only. Next week other sites will get melons)

Notes from the farm

This week we went from one extreme (too dry) to another extreme (too wet) in a 24 hour period. While I feel a little badly complaining (it could have been worse) the 3 inches of rain we got did do some damage to the crops. On the other hand we really did need some rain! The break from constant irrigation is certainly a welcome relief.

We read an interesting article this week about how the number of heavy precipitation events is increasing in a warming climate. Here is the link to the article: http://wxug.us/1k4e4
It will be interesting to see how climate change effects the farm. We have noticed on our 8 acres that the fields that we have given the most care too (cover cropping, nutrient building, and other management practices) seem the most immune to weather extremes, bug pressure, and have the healthiest looking crops as a result. Over the years we have acquired equipment to help us manage the land in the best ways possible. Soil building remains a priority so hopefully the warming climate won’t effect us all that much. On the other hand, I’m wondering if we need to start accounting for crop loss when we make our seeding charts and planting plans during the off season! Meanwhile, mud not withstanding, the harvest continues. This week, while still rolling in the heat loving crops, we see the return of large lettuce and the first of the fall greens ( mustard or broccoli raab). Seasonal eating at its finest! Enjoy!


Tomato stuffed peppers

Mustard green and sweet onion sauté ( you can use broccoli raab in place of mustard greens)

Sweet corn, tomato, and onion salad