CSA Week 14

This Week’s Harvest

Edamame beans
Red bell peppers
Jalapeño peppers
Purple potatoes
Dragon tongue or green beans
Onions (red and candy)
Salad mix
Kale ( green curly or rainbow )

Fruit share
Magnolia gold and Gala apples from Downing Fruit Farm in Darke County

Farm news

This week we had about 5 hours in which the fields were dry enough for Ben to do some tractor work. Yesterday morning Ben checked the fields and decided that all was still too wet from last week’s rain. With heavy rain in the forecast for overnight we had come to terms with the fact that our very long list of field work would just have to wait. But given the hot breezy day we had, Ben thought that maybe, just maybe, the ground had dried enough to check at least something off the list. So starting at 5pm, as I went into the house to relieve Grammy from kid watching duty, Ben hopped on the tractor and somehow checked multiple things off the list! Using a side dresser he fertilized an entire field of fall crops in a couple hours. As I put the kids to bed at dusk, we looked out the window and saw that Ben had switched implements and was now tilling in a field of old crops to prepare for a cover crop sowing. I fixed a late dinner and hopped out of the house to take a picture of Ben coming in for the night at 10pm. He is glad our old Ford 4000 has head lights! Between Ben’s epic tractoring and a full days’ harvest, I’d say we had a rather productive Labor Day!


Braised kale and potatoes and mushrooms (onions can be used in place of shallots)

Jalapeño roasted potatoes

Edamame, avocado and tomato salad (no cherry tomatoes this week, but slicing tomatoes will work just fine. Reference our edamame bean page for how to cook fresh edamame)