CSA Week 14

This Week’s Harvest


Salad Mix


Broccoli Raab OR Broccoli

Dragon Tongue Beans

Green Beans

Summer Squash and Zucchini


Candy Onions

Bell Peppers

Head Lettuce


Okra (Centerville and Lexis Nexis sites only)

Fruit share: apples from Downing Fruit Farm. Gala (red, sweet eating apple) and Macintosh (green and red, tart cooking apple)

Farm News

 We have been so busy planting and maintaining crops since the early season rains broke and now, at long last, we are busy harvesting those crops.  The final planting of summer squash is beginning to come on strong, beans should be plentiful until the frost, and the fall brassicas are begining to infiltrate the CSA boxes.

We feel like we can breathe a sigh of relief and it seems we will have a solid fall to finish out the CSA. However, there are still daily reminders of the 6 week rains. We have to regularly walk past the decrepit sweet potato planting which is in between two gorgeous fields and, equally sad, our tomato crop will come to an abrupt end this week.  We plan to have have tomatoes up until the frost but this year we couldn’t get our final planting of maters in.

Anticipating these crop failures, we adjusted our greenhouse seedings and direct seeded more crops to ensure our CSA boxes stay nice and full. And I think that they will!

Employee Spotlight

 Brooke Medlin has been a part of the Mile Creek Farm crew for 4 years! We are lucky to have her experience with both the greenhouse and flower aspects of our farm. In the spring she does our greenhouse seeding and potting up. She can pot up tiny seedlings all day long with a smile. When the flowers roll in Brooke designs and makes our market bouquets.  In addition to being our cat’s favorite, she is our son’s favorite. He even made her a “special note” this spring when she started her job here back up.

Brooke is so qualified for her jobs. She recently became an Ohio Certified Nursery Technician and is an artist. Her varied work (ceramics, metalsmithing, jewelry, and more) is unique and beautiful. You can find her products online here: http://www.brookemedlin.com

She is also doing a local show this weekend! The South Park Shindig:


She is also creating fun and unique labels for a canning event at Lily’s Bistro


We, cats and humans alike, appreciate Brooke’s creativity, consistency and good humor!



Garlicky Green Beans

Easy Baked Eggplant

Stir Fry with Beans and Kohlrabi (use broccoli or broccoli raab in place of tatsoi)