CSA Week 15

This Week’s Harvest


Bok Choi


Chioggia and Red Beets

Candy Onions


Summer Squash and/or Zucchini

Green Beans OR Dragon Tongue Beans 




Red Leaf Lettuce

Okra (Oakwood Pick up only)

Save The Date!

  Our fall CSA member potluck will be held on Sunday October 4th at 1pm. We will have a main dish and beverages and ask that you being a covered dish to share. This is a celebration of the harvest and an opportunity to see the farm where your food is grown! We will eat, mingle and tour the farm. Family and friends are welcome and we have plenty of indoor space if the weather is not good. We hope that you plan to join us!

Farm News

This week’s harvest is a nice blend of summer and fall crops as we begin to make the transition to fall. We typically have good luck with our fall crops, but are constantly trying to improve as farmers. After a couple years of successful fall broccoli we tried an even earlier planting this year. For the most part it wasn’t successful (you’ll notice that you have a rather small head in your box this week) but we learned exactly what we have to do next year to improve this early planting and are pretty excited about making broccoli in September a regular thing.  

We planted three varieties, 2 of which were complete duds. The 90 degree weather we had last week really took a toll on the crop and 1/3 of the planting flooded out early on.  

One variety handled the heat well and had we only planted it, we’d be distributing more broccoli to the CSA and our 2nd Street market stand. Additionally, there are specific heat tolerant varieties that we plan to add to our repertoire  next year. As it stands, we’ll have to wait for our main fall broccoli crop this year, but are thrilled to improve upon this year’s experiment. And in the meantime we hope you enjoy this week’s taste of what’s to come! 
Recipes (Don’t forget to click on the linked vegetables in the harvest list for even more recipes!)

Aloo Beans and Potatoes

Beet and Arugula Salad

Spicy Potato and Bok Choi Hash (use candy onion in place of shallot)