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Berry Share: Strawberries from Monnin’s Fruit Farm in Dayton, OH


Farm News

We are thrilled to start our 9th CSA season today! We’ve been working towards this day since February on tasks ranging from seeding to planting to weeding and a whole host of other tasks that are necessary to successfully manage a 30 acre organic farm!  We already have about 4.5 acres of vegetables planted and another 4 acres seeded to a cover crop of oats and field peas. Planning for vegetables for 24 weeks means that we are in constant “go mode” from March until November. Our greenhouse is always restocked with weekly seeding, Ben is always out on the tractor prepping more beds, and we try our very best to keep up with all the weeding!  We’ve had more than a few late night dinners the past 2 weeks! The farm is teeming with life and we are very happy to see (and taste) the results of our hard work. We hope you enjoy the delicious food as much as we do!

Our prepped beds filled up so fast this spring!
Weeding the sugar snap peas on our Allis Chalmers G. Springtime is all about juggling field work and weather! Even with a few wet patches and a late frost, it has been working out well so far. 
The very first things we planted this season are coming out of the ground this month and make up our first CSA boxes!
We got a new waterwheel transplanter this year. The wheel has spikes that poke a hole in the plastic and a tube that delivers water to each hole. We hang out behind and plunge plants into each hole. Works like a dream!
Latest planting push: peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers planted on plastic mulch to suppress weeds!
This field gets a rest this year and is currently covered in oats and field peas. Cover cropping rejuvenates and replenishes the soil.


Arugula and Dill Frittata

Stir Fry Bok Choy  (use 7 garlic scapes in place of garlic. I like to chop the scapes in 1/2 inch chunks)

Radishes with Herbed Butter (just dill will do for the herb if you don’t have parsley on hand. Substitute 2 minced garlic scapes for the scallions)

And remember to click on the vegetables in the list to see even more recipes!

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  1. Thanks for the recipes. For the stir fry book choy, I usually add fried diced tofu or organic beef before I add the vegetables. I sometimes substitute fish sauce instead of soy sauce for the seasoning. Serve it over steamed rice.

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